Baseball Camps



The School of Baseball is a unique development program designed to promote long term skills and knowledge in the game of baseball. The goal after graduating the program is to instill in our students the skills and baseball knowledge to play at the high school level.

The practices are built around college style drills and focus on technique.

The players involved in the program are challenged to not only perform certain skills but have the ability to understand why these skills are done this way, imparting a greater understanding of the game. (players will often be required to help coach another athlete through certain drills to ensure they have a full grasp of the skill).

The program is a monthly based program broken into sections throughout the year (e.g. in-season, off-season, fundamentals and game situations).

Players are presented with varying levels of achievement to provide motivation in practice to continue to move up. These levels are completely skill based, not age based.

$60per month = 4 times a month
$120per month = 8 times a month
$150per month = unlimited pracs

The School of Baseball is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Class times depends on skill level.


Arm Care Camp is an arm strengthening program that will consist of a long toss program, thera-band shoulder program, fast twitch drills, core exercises, elbow/forearm exercises and stretching.

The class is designed to not only increase sustained velocity but also prevent injuries.

The program is a PRE-habilitation focused as our bodies were not designed to throw overhand off of a slope.

According to American Sports Medicine Institute, over the past decade the number of Tommy John surgeries performed has increased from 18% to 39% on youth and high school pitchers. This is further evidence that it is essential to developing the proper arm program.

Pitchers fielding practice camp

It can be said pitchers are the most prominent player in a baseball game having an affect on every pitch of an inning. Pitchers have a lot of tasks to handle from knowing the situation in the game, what pitch to throw the hitter, where to be after the ball is hit and holding runners on base.

Most players in youth leagues go to a pitching coach to gain the correct technique to pitch and work on different types of pitches. What most don’t realize is that although this may be the most important role of a pitcher there are many other aspects that can help a pitcher be successful outside of the pitches he throws.

This camp is designed to work on those often over looked aspects. The camp covers drills working on pitcher’s fielding their position and knowing what to do with the ball when it gets hit to them – including covering a base or back up an incoming throw.

Simulated Game Camp

Baseball has a variety of skill sets necessary to attain in order to become a complete player. Baseball players need to learn the technique of throwing, fielding and hitting, but often negelected is the mental approach. The mental aspect of a player may be the most important factor in success on the diamond. This camp is designed to help with the two most important mental battles in the game of baseball: The hitter and pitcher facing one another.

This Program will give your son or daughter an opportunity to put themself into live-game scenarios to gain the comfort level needed to be successful in their approach to an At-Bat. The coaches will be there to talk each player through how to approach each pitch of the at-bat depending on count, situation, and strength of each player.

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