Baseball Lessons


Instruction is provided by our professional coaching staff with years of experience coaching college and high schoolers down
to the very beginners.

Focuses on the fundamentals through to the advanced approach of facing a college pitcher. Hitters will be evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses then given a practice plan to work from to help bring their weakness to their strength to create a more complete hitter.

Catching lessons

Lessons will focus on the 3 main fundamentals of a catchers responsibilities: receiving, blocking and throwing in that order as pitch framing is the most important skill a catcher needs to develop. Expanding the strike zone and getting all the quality pitches a pitcher throws to the corners of the plate called a strike can change the outcome of a whole game.

Pitching Lessons

Will Savage, the pitching instructor, has been giving pitching lessons and running camps for kids ages 7-18 in Edmond, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, and parts of Western Oklahoma since 2006.

His instruction focuses on what he considers the two most important elements of pitching mechanics: BALANCE and EXTENSION. His time with the University of Oklahoma Sooners, Philadelphia Phillies and Los Angeles Dodgers has provided the opportunity to be around some of the best pitching minds in the game. As someone who was not gifted with a 95mph fastball, he learned the importance of location, deception, movement and repeatable mechanics. He enjoys sharing that knowledge with youth pitchers that are willing to put the time and effort into improving their craft. He understands that every pitcher is different and tailors each lesson to getting the most out of each individual’s body.

Will prides himself on not creating “cookie cutter” pitchers and understands there is no “one way” to succeed and every kid learns differently. Once a repeatable delivery is achieved the focus is turned to something that is often overlooked, the mental side of the game. Mental toughness and the ability to “control what you can control” is the difference between good pitchers and great pitchers. The environment created during the lessons is always geared toward having fun while working hard. He believes in positive reinforcement and gets great satisfaction out of seeing the kids improve and develop a love for the game of baseball.

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